Thursday, March 22, 2007

Coming to an inbox near you

This message was sent out to the subscribers of Alvibest. It so happens that a few of the email-addresses are no longer valid. In case, you happen to read this post and suspect that your email-ID might be one of them (we cannot publish the email-IDs), please subscribe with a permanent address. Thank you.


Dear Subscriber,
I have a lot to tell you, but let me start with an apology. As you might have guessed from the previous issue that we sent out, the real world had cornered us and had placed us at gunpoint. Juggling the demands of our individual lives and the life we wish to give Alvibest was a learning experience (no, this is no euphemism) and we decided to re-visit what we thought Alvibest represented and got to know a bit more about this magazine and its soul. Hence, we didn't publish anything this year (Aug06-May07). We nearly went into publishing an earlier issue, but we grounded ourselves and decided to streamline our "mainstream" lives before taking on something which required all our attention and passion.
The good news is, we are definitely going to come out in Aug 2007 and thereafter. We are working towards creating enjoyable content and are utilising this time for bringing in some structure. We would follow the usual pattern of eclectic issue(Aug) followed by theme-based issue(Nov), hidden-theme-based issue (Feb) and an issue with a direct relevance to the contemporary world (May). Would you prefer it differently? Let us know.
We are inviting submissions for the various issues (themes will be notified to the interested contributor) and request you to participate in the making of Alvibest. In case you know someone whose work you enjoy, please pass on this mail to her/him. Details of the typical format of each issue will be discussed with contributors. We also look forward to contributions in the form of editorial help, design and layout of the magazine, etc. People who would simply like to play the role of a sounding board (which, occasionally, offers sage advice) are also invited to jump in. :-)
We plan to bring in some different kind of content as well as non-magazine activity. That is all we'll divulge now!! Let's hear what you would like to recommend in these two categories and any other category that you might consider appropriate for Alvibest!
Submissions can be made to Feel free to write about any queries that you might have. In case your friends wish to subscribe to Alvibest, please ask them to send a blank mail to
We are genuinely eager to make Alvibest happen (and happen to our complete satisfaction and joy) from August 2007 onwards. It would be a more rewarding experience if you could help us. Looking forward to your response.



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