Thursday, August 11, 2005



We left the tent in a daze, but I staged an
early recovery.
"These people gossip pretty hard, you know."
"Give it up, Ed. You know that was uncanny.
What bothers me is what did she mean by
become famous?"
"Don't let it bother you. If you will, you will.
And you can be famous and happy unlike
what she...."
"If its destiny's word to be sad, nothing can
go against it."
"Don't be silly. You make your life, bro. Every
step you take is your decision, not destiny's.
Look at Stevie Wonder and that Hawking guy
and ..."
"What makes you think that what happens is
not what destiny wanted to make happen in
the first place?" he asked me with a smile on
his face that shut me up immediately.
Couple of days passed by without a
reference to the incidents in that tent. One
evening, I returned early from work, as news
was that the routes would be barricaded for
the evening. Geoffrey Adams was presenting
his manifesto at Blayt Park. He was running
for mayor and, had there been no police in
this town, he would be running for his life.


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